About Us

Our Founder

Meet Harriet - events manager, mother of two, and most recently founder of Planets In Time.

With a strong creative background and a tasteful eye, Harriet has always thrived on creating imaginative personal spaces both through her work, and in decorating her home. Bored with the amount of typography and graphic design prints around, Harriet was searching for something with a more of a "by-hand" touch when, one December evening, she happened across an intriguing painting of the Solar System in a shop window. All through Christmas, she wondered at the potential to make the personal; to capture the planets at a single point it time. What would it take?

And by New Years Day, Planets In Time was born.

Our Artist

The painting that Harriet saw in that shop window was more than just an inspiration - it was our connection to finding our artist, Hattie Buckwell. 

Based in Bristol (United Kingdom), Hattie creates beautiful illustrations with ink and watercolour - check out her other work here!